Frequently asked questions

Can I book an intermediate lesson for my child?

All of our sewing lessons are mixed with beginner and intermediate students. Just state what level of sewing your child is at once you have made your booking. You can do this by sending us an email to

How are you able to teach both beginner and intermediate in one children's sewing lesson?

Our lessons have a capacity of 6 children per lesson. by keeping our lessons small we are able to evenly spread our attention between the children. At the beginning and throughout the lesson we always encourage children to ask questions regarding their sewing project.

Do I need to buy fabric for my child?

No, if they are doing beginner sewing lessons.

Yes, if they are doing Teen sewing lessons or adult sewing lessons. You will receive an email with all the information regarding how much and what type of fabric to bring.

Where can I buy my fabric?

We sell fabric! here's the link

What kind of fabric should I buy and how much?

This will be sent to you via an email once you have placed your order

Will my child automatically be booked into the following term?

No, so please be sure to book them in to the following term if they would like to continue learning with us.

Do you offer half term workshops for children?

Yes we do! If you want to hear about them please sign up for our newsletter or check in on our website. You are also welcome to send us an email.

Can I book a private lesson or a family/friends group lesson

Yes, just send us a message via any of our social sites or email us at

Private lessons are £20 per hour and we can tailor these to best suit you. Group lessons are £18 Per person per hour

Where are the lessons taught?

Children's afterschool lessons are taught at Coburg Crescent, SW2 3HU

Children's weekend lessons are taught at Coburg Crescent, SW2 3HU

All adult lessons are taught from Coburg Crescent, SW2 3HU

Do I need to bring my own sewing machine?

No, we have 6 machines which we use to teach on. Our machines also have a speed control to suit all levels. We know how intimidating fast machines can be!


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