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Friday afterschool sewing lessons 7yrs-11yrs

Friday afterschool sewing lessons 7yrs-11yrs

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.Skill Level: No knowledge of sewing needed but if you have some do let me know so we can pick a project that suits your skills


*If sold out- send us a message so we can keep you updated on the next set of dates

What you'll make: 

  • 3rd term (19th Apr- 24th May) - Shorts or skirt
  • 4th Term (7th Jun - 28th Jun) - Bucket hat & Small zip bag

What you'll learn:

• How to thread a sewing machine

• How to do a straight stitch, this will take us a few tries but all the above projects will help us develop this skill.

• How to backstitch and why it is important.

• Why we need to add a seam allowance

• How to make a hem and attach a strap

• Hand sewing

• Plus lots of sewing knowledge along the way

How Long will the lesson take: 1 hour per day *Please arrive at least 5 minutes early 

How many lessons in total: 

  • 5 lessons from the 23rd February till the 22nd March 
  • 6 lessons from 19th April till the 24th May

What to bring: You will only need to bring fabric if you already have experience in sewing and you are doing an advanced project such as a jumper or trouser. If you are doing the projects mentioned above, you will not need to bring any fabric.

What we will supply: Sewing machine, scissors, plus all the fabric and notions needed for the project

Cost: £10 per lesson 

If you attend Streatham Wells Primary school and want to attend the 4.00pm - 5.00pm lesson, please send me a message to organise pick up from school with Marcela

*Lessons are no longer at the Hive Café

Location:  Coburg Crescent, SW2 3HS
Further details will be sent closer to the date of your lesson

Children will not be allowed to leave lesson premises during the session unless prior permission has been given by parent/guardian (for example, to attend off-site activities). A written notice/permission from a parent must be given when a child is being collected by someone else or, alternatively, a password must be given. This will be stored in our system and must be known by the collecting adult.

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