About me

Hi I'm Marcela and I'm the face behind On A Sew. 

I have been sewing almost every day for the past 7 years and I work part time at a local fabric shop. I think it's safe to say that I am completely invested in the beautiful craft that is sewing. I am also a mum of two and sew for myself, both my children and my husband.  I also love talking about and advising people on fabric and sewing whenever I get the opportunity.  

When I started my sewing journey I barely knew how to thread a needle,
With no-one to teach me I had to learn the hard way through practice and perseverance. I have taught myself everything I know so far, and I continue to teach myself more because the possibilities are endless!

Why I started On A Sew 

When I had my first child I found the experience lonely and isolating.
I'm fortunate to have a lovely family close by, but they had busy lives too and I didn't want to always depend on them.
I spent a lot of time alone with my baby, I never felt comfortable at parent and baby events and going to the park didn't always mean you got to interact with another adult. Growing up I enjoyed textiles lessons at school but never pursued it further, that is until I was stuck at home and decided to buy myself a cheap sewing machine and give it a try - And the rest is history. 

Sewing honestly makes me happy. It's helped me to understand and love my body, clothes fit me rather than me trying to fit into something shop bought.
By sewing I discovered a new community of home makers to connect with and I found a job that I enjoy doing. My family and I are proud of what I make and we wear. I get to express myself through my skill but most importantly I now get to share everything I have learnt with other people, just like you!

What I hope to gain 

I hope to create a fun, safe environment where people can get out of the house, meet new people and learn a new skill. I want everyone to feel the same way I feel about 'Me Mades' , so if I can do that for you I'll be very happy!

Women with long dark hair wearing headphones, smiling and looking into the camara as she leans over a table while drafting out a sewing pattern