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Wednesday afterschool sewing lessons 7-11 years old

Wednesday afterschool sewing lessons 7-11 years old

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Aged 7-10 years old 

This lesson is suitable for children wanting to be creative while learning to sew.

Skill Level: No knowledge of sewing needed 

*If sold out- send us a message so we can keep you updated on the next set of dates

What you'll make: We will be making lots of small projects which focus on straight stitches, such as making cushions, small tote bags and pencil cases. Each term we will make a new project and depending on their progress we will choose one that suits their skill and we will continue to challenge them with new techniques.

What you'll learn:

• How to thread and use a sewing machine 

• How to select your stich and sewing needle and an explanation as to why this is the best choice 

• How to backstitch and why it is important

• Understanding fabrics, grain line, seam allowances, pinning and marking fabric

• New sewing technics and knowledge 

How Long will the lesson take: 1 hour per lesson

What to bring:  Nothing

What we will supply: Sewing machine, scissors, tape measure, pins and chalk and fabric 

Cost: £10 per session

Location: Coburg Crescent, SW2 3HS
Further details will be sent with your booking confirmation

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